Basic SEO

I provide the following SEO services to all the package. These services are basic but also fundamental to the Google page rank:

  • URL optimization;
  • title tags and meta description of post or page;
  • internal links;
  • image and video SEO;
  • mobile SEO;
  • sitemap;
  • robots;
  • canonical tags;
  • Googles Search Console.

Google Analytics

The best way to know your audience’s traffic stats is the Google Analytics, and that is provided for free. Google Analytics can help you make data-driven decision by showing you the stats that matter.
You can see:

  • who visits your website;
  • what do people do when they are on your website;
  • when do people visit your website;
  • how do people find your website.

I can help you install the tracking code in your websites and show you how to read and dig the information.

Important extras inclusive

There are also some extra services that are included in my package. These services may be invisible to your websites but they are also critically important in terms of sites security, performance, Google search rank and visitors’ interaction.

These services include:

  • eliminating broken links;
  • contact forms;
  • site performance optimization;
  • user permission control and login security;
  • SSL installation;
  • anti-spam policy.

Bring your service to Chinese

China is a booming country and now is the time to take advantage of this growing market. If you would like to bring your products or services to the Chinese market, both in Australia and China, then let me help streamline your entry into this huge market.

My Chinese services include:

  • products/services localization, not just translation;
  • submit your websites to Chinese biggest search engine, that is, along with the local map service;
  • promote your websites in the most popular social media networks in China, that is Weibo and Wechat.